Glossybox | September 2016

Glossybox September
It's that time of the month again (no, I'm not on my period) my Glossybox has been delivered and I'm very excited about this months box, there are many things I can't wait to try out and a product I've been waiting to try for far too long! 

I loved the striking colour of this months box which was such a beautiful red. I feel it would be a nice box to put a Christmas present in for someone and I'd be grateful for just the box if someone handed this to me for Christmas on second thoughts I might just keep it for myself...

Glossybox September Products

First thing in this month's box is a Rodial Smokey Eye Pen (RRP £17) I love receiving eyeliner pens/pencils because it's a product I very rarely use/buy as my eyes are tiny so I avoid eyeliner on my bottom waterline. I normally just buy liquid/gel liners to use for a winged liner so receiving eyeliner pens/pencils are still a plus as I don't own many and sometimes it is nice to make my eyes look more dramatic even if they are tiny.

Next, we have a Gosh Long Lasting Marker in Soft Rose (RRP £8.50) I've never used a lip marker before so I'm excited to try this out, I don't normally pick up lip stains as I've just never really leaned towards them I'm definitely more of a lipstick/liquid lipstick kind of girl but I do feel this would be a great product to use for a "No makeup" makeup look.

Glossybox September Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Thirdly is my favourite thing in this months box and that's the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (RRP £19) I have wanted this mascara for such a long time but I just haven't got round to getting it so when I saw a sneak peak into this months box I was so excited to receive it, I have heard so many great things about this mascara! I have tried this as I couldn't resist as soon as I opened this months box and I loved how no matter how many coats I applied my lashes didn't stick together like they normally would with other mascaras and I absolutely love the applicator!

Last, in this months we have Revlon Gel Effect Diamond Top Coat (RRP £7.99) I'm not much of a nail person anymore as I'm just never patient enough for them to dry so I end up smudging my nails and taking it all off anyway but I used this the other night and it dried very quickly considering how much I put on each nail and so far my nail
 varnish hasn't chipped and they look very glossy too! I'm hoping this will be the top coat I've needed! 

Glossybox September Hydro Face Mask

I also received an extra in this box which was a Hydro Face Mask which claims to hydrate skin for 120 hours which I can't confirm nor deny but I'll be finding out very soon! I feel a pamper night is in order!

Overall, I loved this months box it had such a selection of different products and products I genuinely want to try out! Now for the wait, until next months box arrives. 

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Essence All About The Nude Eyeshadow Palette | Review & Swatches

Essence All About The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches
Today I have another eyeshadow palette to review since I love eyeshadows and cannot stop buying them (and lipsticks) when I find a good palette I want to share it with you all ASAP. I picked up this Essence All About The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette from Wilkos a few days ago after I reading lots of posts with amazing reviews and only good things to say about it. Plus it was only £4.00 so if it turned out to not be as good as I thought it would be, it wouldn't be such a massive disappointment.

Things To Do On A Rainy Day

things to do on a rainy day
I don't know about you but I love a rainy day, I just think there's something so calming about the rain for me, instead of moaning that it's raining I'm normally just enjoying the sound of it hitting against the window. I don't however like going out in the rain there's absolutely nothing calming about being soaking wet and having makeup running down your face when you've just spent an hour doing it!

Handbag Wishlist

I've been completely obsessed with handbags lately, and I'm not sure if you can tell but neutral coloured handbags in-particular! I love neutral handbags because you can match them with any outfit and they also look so sophisticated! I have found that my taste in handbags is quite expensive and if I manage to have one hanging from my shoulder or back I'll be a very happy girl, I best get saving!

Glossybox | August 2016

Glossybox August Rae Feather
I had to subscribe to Glossybox when I've heard nothing but good things about it and I have missed having a special parcel delivered to me every month since I unsubscribed to Birchbox because I have accumulated a hotels worth of sample size products but products that I wasn't very fussed on trying so I'm hoping it's 3rd time lucky with GlossyBox and I discover some goodies!

Recent Favourites

Recent Favourites
I have a few favourites to share with you! There's not many things I've been loving lately but nevertheless I've still found some things I have been using and enjoy using (expect the eyelash curlers, they're just pretty to look at). 

#1. Primark Rose Gold Eyelash Curler | RRP £1.00
I had to talk about this first because oh my gosh it's so pretty! I don't think I'll ever use them to curl my lashes as I hate using eyelash curlers they just seem to pull all my eyelashes out so I got them to use as a prop. I can't say if they are good at curling your eyelashes but hey they're rose gold, you need to have a pair. 

#2. B. Powder Brush | RRP £9.99
I have been using the same brush to apply my powder for nearly a year now and I'm getting bored of it but I didn't own anything as good to apply powder with so I picked this B one up at Superdrug to try it out, I love how the brush is dome shaped and it's sooo soft and doesn't move my foundation when I'm swirling it around my face so that's always a good thing!

#3. L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation | RRP £9.99
I've been using this religiously during the sunnier weather because it's such a lightweight foundation but covers all my imperfections effortlessly! I don't feel like I have makeup on when I'm wearing this alone and I love the colour match, I do find some foundations either make me look really ill or really orange but this is the perfect shade for me!

Recent Favourites Linzi Shoes

#4. Biore Charcoal Cleanser | RRP £5.19
Cleansers aren't something I get overly excited about but I do like to try new skin care products all the time in hope I find a product that does wonders to my skin and makes my face look just as good as an airbrushed picture, I know I have high hopes but I do feel this working when and after I've used this and it makes my skin super soft too.

#5. Linzi Slingback Sliders Sandals | RRP £15.00
I love these sandals from Linzi they look super stylish and they go great with any summer outfit! The best thing is they're so comfy! The only downside to these is I had to get a size smaller to fit into them as they were to big in my usual size 4 but they still fit perfectly and they're quite unique, they come in different styles and colours so I cannot wait to get more although I might have to wait until next summer to wear them all!

What have you been loving recently?

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