6 things to do before you go to sleep

Having a night time routine is one of the most important things you need to have in place as sleep is important, so not getting enough of it can affect many things you do in your day to day life. I have a really bad sleeping pattern at the moment so I created a list of things to do before I go to sleep so I can try and stick by them and hopefully get the sleep that I need to function, because falling asleep on public transport isn't comfortable so by having a night time routine I know I will get the sleep I need so I don't miss my stop.. AGAIN. 

#1 - Have a Hot Bath
Nothing is more relaxing than a nice hot bubble bath with candles and some music. Before I get in the bath I take my make-up off, the steam from the bath will help open your pores and clean your face.
I tie my hair in a bun( I always wash my hair separately because I think its more hygienic) and brush my teeth then I'm ready for the bath. Sit in the bath for as long as you like (maybe get out before you turn into a prune) get dried, moisture, clean your face and put on the comfiest pair of pyjamas you own on.. If you're anything like me I have more pyjamas then I do normal clothes!

#2 - Have a hot drink

I love a good cup of tea, it makes everything seem better. Just don't forget about it while you're waiting for it to cool there is nothing worse than a cup of tea that has gone cold and having the make another one (what a waste!) Chamomile tea is the recommended tea to have before going to sleep as it helps you relax but personally I don't like it but sometimes I'll opt for a hot chocolate instead.

#3 - Write in your diary

Growing up I always kept a diary, I wrote about what happened during the day and how I felt.. Looking back on my old diary entries are hilarious, the things I used to worry about seem so pointless and the things I wrote about really didn't need to be re-liven EVER! When I got older I didn't really write in a diary because lets face it, who has the time? but I found myself laying in bed until early hours of the morning over thinking and nearly crying myself to sleep over the silliest things and some not quite so silly but it wasn't the time to think about those things because before I knew it my alarm went off and I hadn't got any sleep so I started writing a diary again, including things like how I thought the day went, what I did, what I enjoyed about the day, what made me happy, what made me annoyed etc.. and writing things down really does help. I feel like it's off my shoulders and sometimes when I write things down and re-read it when I'm done I realise that not everything is so bad. So save your over thinking time for when you write in your diary and not while you're trying to sleep. I promise you it does help, you wont regret it.. You can get a diary from nearly any shop you go in, so pick one up when your next out and about!

#4 - Read 

I love reading, It takes my mind off my own life and gives me time to concentrate on someone else's life dramas. It's the best thing to do to chill out at the end of a busy day and it also makes me feel sleepy. Most of the books I own are romance books and some very inspiring books. If you don't like reading books why not read a magazine. (Just before I wrote this blog post my beloved Kindle broke, well I kind of stood on it and now only half the screen is working, I guess its back to paperbacks until I can replace the one I broke)

#5 - Check your social media

OK, so we all do it.. one last check on Facebook before we go to sleep but we don't just check it we can get lost in the world of social media for hours and most of the time we don't even realise how fast time has flown and before we know it, it's late and we need to be up in a few hours. So set a timer for 10 minutes and have a quick look but don't get too distracted.

#6 - Plan for the day ahead

I always plan for the day ahead, it saves so much time in the morning so I have enough time to sit down and have a cup of tea before I have to get my make-up on,get dressed and get out the door. Mostly I set all my make-up out on my dresser and choose the clothes I'm going to wear and get my bag ready with the things I'll need for the next day. I also set my alarms but a good tip for people who turn on snooze as soon as they hear their alarm tone.. put your phone on the other side of the room, then you'll have no choice but to get out of bed to turn off your alarm. (Thank me later)

p.s - Please excuse my awful photography skills, I am using my iPhone 5C to take pictures for my blog as I don't want to invest in a expensive camera if I decide blogging isn't my thing which I hope doesn't happen and I'll be snapping pictures with my new camera soon but until then I'm afraid you're stuck with this image quality. I did re-seach before I started blogging and many people suggested not investing in professional equipment straight away so I'll take their advice.  

See you soon!
Sinead x 

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