My Fav Summer Shades - Nails.

The summer is upon us so I have picked out 3 nail varnishes I'm always wearing in the summer. I love summer nails because you can get away with any colour, in winter I tend to stick with black or dark reds so summer is the time for nails. Here are my top 3 summer nail varnishes -

Shade- Watermelon 6

I love this grapefruit pink colour,I applied 3 coats to get the look I wanted. The nail varnish look ages to dry therefore it smudged a lot so I wouldn't recommend this nail varnish if you were in a hurry! The brush is quite thick for me as I prefer thinner and smaller brushes. I applied three coats to get the look I wanted to achieve, and then a clear top coat on top. The Polish does leave a lovely gel like shine which I always love from a nail varnish. 

507 Round and Round in Circles 

This Sherbert Yellow nail varnish is my holy grail summer nail varnish. It is such a pretty/summery yellow and it's not too bold but lovely and bright. The first coat does dry in 60 seconds although the second takes a lot longer. The brush makes the product easy to apply although I think it would be better with a slimmer brush as this brush is too thick and wide, but that's just my opinion. This nail varnish lasts all day and doesn't chip easily.

306 Blueberry

I am yet to find a fault in BarryM nail paints! They come in so many different colours and I cannot get enough of them. This sky blue shade is one of my favourite nail varnishes for summer. The drying time is quick and I only applied two coats to get the look I wanted and then finished off with a clear top coat. This nail varnish doesn't chip unless you pick at it! (which I have a really bad habit at doing) The brush is perfect for me, It's long and slim so you can get into every tiny space, perfect.

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