Monthly Goals | October

Where has this year gone? I feel like life has been jammed on fast forward!

Since this year has flashed by I feel like I haven't achieved as much as I could and I haven't done much at all this year. So I came up with some goals I hope to achieve by the time October comes to an end.. I'm sure that'll go just as quickly so no time to waste!

1. Be more organised 
Okay, how typical and BORING but I feel like being organised is something that most people want to be because it's one of those thing you constantly have to start over with, after a while especially at the end of a year ( only two months to go) things just get messy and who has the time to put things in alphabetical order? Not me! Okay maybe me but I'd much rather be snuggled up on the sofa watching movies. 

2. To be more positive
I'm one of those people who constantly doubt myself and I'm the only one who does! I always feel like my blog post's aren't good enough, I should write more.. The list goes on but then I realise I'm only just finding my feet in the blogging world and I still have so much to learn. 

3. Get Up Earlier 
I'm NEVER a morning person but I love it when I wake up early, I feel so productive and get so much done and I feel like I have so much energy in the mornings. I would love to be a natural morning person who just can't stay in bed past 7.00 am but nope, not for me. I have a feeling I'm going to fail at this one but I'm going to give it my best shot.

4. Post more blogposts
I love writing blog posts and going through my 'blog post ideas' and picking out one to do next. I always start blog posts and never finish them or I just feel they're not good enough to publish so I forget about them instead of starting again. I'm currently trying to do a blog post every day during October but I'm not going to set my targets so high or be so strict because sometimes things pop up and I no longer have the time but that's just life!

5. Read more books/blogs
I love to read anything, books,blog posts.. anything readable that interests me. I have recently just finished reading Zoella - Girl Online and I loved it so much! I could have easily read it in just two days but I dragged it out for as long as I could because I didn't want it to end. That being said I just feel like I should read more because it's something I love to do and it really relaxes me. I also love reading blog posts and finding new blogs to check daily and also to comment more on blogs too because I often read really great blogs and I forget to leave a comment to say how much I enjoyed it.. So to add to my goals another one is to spread the love!

So there are my goals for the month, I do hope to achieve them all but if not there's always next month... 

What are your October Goals?

See you soon!
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  1. I always promise myself that I'll be more organised but somehow never get around to it. Maybe some people just are not meant to be organised haha. Lovely post, this one!

    ~ Henna

    1. I guess it's just one of those things, but we try haha!
      Thank you x