Beauty Subscription Boxes | Are They Worth It?

Beauty Subscription Boxes
Beauty Subscriptions boxes are everywhere at the moment and I think it's fair to say, they're here to stay! There's such a variety of different ones to choose from, and ones for every budget too. I've only ever subscribed to two beauty boxes but I now only have one that I receive monthly as I didn't think the first one I subscribed to delivered. The newest one I've signed up for is Birchbox which you can find here. I've only received one box so far and I was really happy with what I was presented with and I hope I continue to enjoy the products I get in my box every month. 

My previous beauty subscription box was with LMB (Love Me Beauty) and don't get me wrong I did like this box but I just didn't think it was as good as the other ones I've seen out there and I didn't like the way it worked..Let me explain - with LMB you receive 60 credits each month to spend in the LMB Boutique, the products range from 10-20 credits, which would get you 3-6 products but in my opinion the products that are 10 credits weren't even worth putting in my basket so I only ever chose 3-4 products a month, you can add on credits but I didn't really want much else after I had chosen the 4 best products I could find. The thing I disliked most about LMB is the fact that the boutique only added a few new products to choose from every month and you have to choose the products yourself which could be seen as an advantage but I think not knowing what's coming in your beauty box is a little more exciting, and with other beauty boxes you're guaranteed a certain amount of products each month. I do think Love Me Beauty is okay but only on certain months and depending on what they have in their boutique (that's just my opinion).

Although I wasn't blown away by my first subscription box I do think they're worth it, especially if you want to try out new products but don't want to spend a lot of money on full size products to find out you don't like it, ugh! It also helps you get to know new brands and explore all sorts of beauty,skincare & hair care products that you otherwise would not have known about, it's the perfect thing to find new things you love and save money on things you don't love so much. 

Subscription boxes aren't just for beauty you can also get one for food,fashion, stationary & even one for your dog!

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  1. I haven't signed up to any subscription boxes yet but am definitely considering doing so as I have seen so many ones which feature a great range of products. I just think they're a nice idea because you get to try out products you may not have tried otherwise. This was a great post though, it's good to know they're worth doing :). Holly x

  2. I am currently subscribed to BOXYCHARM, and I absolutely love it. It is $21 a month, but you generally get at least $100 worth of product. They always have at least four full sized items, and I actually use a lot of the items I've received. They also have a point system, which you can save up and redeem for items in their store. I highly recommend checking them out!

  3. I personally don't think they're worth it as you can get products which you dislike or will never use which is quite annoying when you could be saving the money you paid for the box to purchase a product which you really want.
    Charlotte //

  4. I haven't ever signed up to a subscription box, I have reviewed some though for various different things, beauty, candles etc and the best one I have had was the Look Fantastic one, the products were brilliant and mostly full size too, it was really good. The wax box is good for candle lovers too xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  5. I'm not currently subscribed to any as I found myself just racking up products I didn't especially want or need. However the YouBeauty Discovery box I used to do was really good value so if I restarted one I think I'd go with that! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty