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Valentines day is upon us (sorry singletons) and if you're anything like my boyfriend I guess you have no idea what to get her even though she's probably been hinting for the last few months but you've just not been paying attention! So hopefully this post bring you inspiration, you haven't got long left so lets get to it.. 

#1. Underwear
You cannot go wrong here, every girl loves new underwear! It's like a gift to her but it's also a gift for you too, if you know what I mean! 
#2. Jewellery.
I feel like Jewellery is always the perfect gift to give someone, it's a bit more personal and special. 
#3. Treats.
Treats are the gift that everyone loves receiving and perfect for sharing too! 
#4. Perfume.
Perfume is a tricky one if you don't know what sort of scent the individual prefers, some like fresh and some like sweet it all depends on preference, why not have a sneek at their perfume collection and have a smell? Maybe even buy her a new perfume she's running out of!
#5. Make-up/Beauty Products
This is your chance to buy her that lipstick shade she really looks good in or the make-up brushes she's been lusting over for months!
Gestures cost nothing, but if you do want to make a gesture extra special how about a toast stamp if you're planning to make her or him breakfast? Another free idea is a couple quiz! You can find these on the internet. I picked up some card to play with instead you get 52 questions you can ask each other,I've already played this with my boyfriend and we had an hour of laughs! Priceless. 

Products Featured:
Underwear Set - Primark £4.00  
 Oasis Rose Gold Bracelet Watch - Oasis £50.00
Lolly - The Range £1.50
Perfume - Paco Rabanne Lady Million £39.00
 Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer - Superdrug £3.00 (Review HERE
Body Butter - Tesco  £4.00
Toast Stamp - Card Factory £1.00
Couples Trivia - Tesco £2.00

Have A Great Valentines Day!

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  1. Love your blog chick! Very glad you commented on my last post as I wouldn't have found you else. Keep up the wonderful writing <3

  2. This is such a good list of products!! I definitely love a good treat hahah, especially chocolate!

    Kathy xx

  3. Great post! I think every guy should have a look at this so they're not so confused on Valentine's day. And yes, you could NEVER go wrong with some nice undies ;) Love it!
    Gestures is a good one too! Definitely does not cost a thing and it's the small things that stay in her mind!

    Great job!