Pins I've Been Loving Lately | #1

I've used Pinterest for a while now but up until recently I discovered how to use it properly, not that there's a right or wrong way to use it but my personal Pinterest was so unorganised. I recently created a Pinterest especially for my blog and I've definitely been a lot more organised this time around, I can sometimes find myself on Pinterest for hours without intention but there's just so many pretty things! Although it was hard I've cut it down to 5 pins I've been loving lately...
Blonde Highlights
#1 - Blonde Highlighted Hair.
Just shy of a year ago I had bleach blonde hair and I grew to hate it and grow out of it, after becoming so bored of it I decided to take the plunge to the dark side and become a brunette (which ended up being more of a black) I'm started to regret the plunge and wish I had gone from bleach blonde to this colour! I am planning on doing this to my hair hopefully before the end of summer, it's going to take me a little while but I'll get there! 

Spring Fashion
#2 - Spring Fashion
Spring is one of my favourite seasons for fashion, you don't have to ruin every outfit by having to put a coat on to ensure you don't freeze to death and you can wear lightweight jumpers and jeans. I love the smart/casual look!

Garden Pink Flowers
#3 - Pretty Garden
There's something I love about gardens, especially ones full of pretty flowers! The pink flowers remind me of spring and it's my second favourite season!

This quote speaks high volumes, I feel that this is so perfect but so sadly true. I do feel we are a generation who care too much about what we look like. When we could be caring more about other things that really matter, like having a great personality and being the best version of yourself and not just the best version of your appearance. Of course, we're not going to not care what people think about us but I definitely think we care way too much!

Cup of tea in bed
There's something I find soothing in tea, is it just me? 
Whenever I'm stressed out or just need some me time I'll more likely be sitting on my bed with a book or my laptop and a cup of tea! Although I wouldn't dare risk balancing my tea on my white bedsheets because knowing my luck it would end in a disaster, I'll just have to admire the people who are brave enough to do it. 

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