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Spring Wishlist ft Spectrum,Lush,Marc Jacobs, Morphe Brushes, Charlotte Tilbury, Maybelline,
Spring is upon us and I have already gathered a bunch of all the products I want to get this spring, I know it's a little early but I need to start saving as soon as possible!
Here's what's on my Spring Wishlist:
1. Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid 2. Morphe Brushes 9BZ Glow Bronzer Palette  3. Spectrum The Glam Clam Brushes 4.Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation 5. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush 6. Disney I'm A Mermaid Pyjama Set 7. Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask  8. Lumee Light Up Phone Case

Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid | Maybelline / Superdrug / Boots
I don't think these have been released in UK yet but I do know they'll definitely be hitting our drug-stores this Spring. I have a slight obsession with anything to do with lipstick so I can't wait to get my little mits on these and try them out! 

#2. Morphe Brushes 9BZ Glow Bronzer Palette | Beauty Bay
Bronzer and Glow in one product? SOLD. I have heard so much about how great Morphe Brushes palettes so I really want to try out their Bronzers and spring is all about the healthy glow! 

#3.Spectrum The Glam Clam Brushes | Spectrum 
I received a spectrum brush in my February Birchbox which you can find here and I fell in love with spectrum brushes just by looking at it and the fact that it's super soft and a really good brush I want more, I love the pink handle brushes but the blue and gold handle brushes with blue and purple ombre bristles? I just can't resist and they come in a clam shaped case! Yes please.

#4.Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation | CT
I have seen this foundation everywhere I turn recently, I think it's a sign and I'm not one to ignore those. I don't own any Charlotte Tilbury products but from all the reviews I've read about her products I know it will be a great foundation to add to the collection and if I'm wrong, I'll let you know.

#5.Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Blush | Perfume Shop
The bottle really does attract the eye and I've recently smelt it but I didn't have enough money on me at the time to buy it, I think Marc Jacob have the best packaging for their daisy range perfumes and they're so pretty to take pictures of!

#6.Disney I'm A Mermaid Pyjama Set | ASOS
How fricking cute are these? and they'd really match the Spectrum brushes that I want! I live in pyjamas, unless I'm out in public but as soon as I get home the pyjmas are straight back on, I even bring some to friends and familys houses when I visit and chuck them on when I get there! Comfort is key to many great things.

#7.Lush Cosmetics Warrior Facemask | Lush
I hate to admit this but I've only ever brought one product from lush and that was.. lets just say many many years ago! I've heard a lot of good reviews on Lush products and I love how natural their products are and for someone with super sensitive skin I have to be careful with what I use on it and I think that's why I always forget to pop into lush when I'm shopping, I'm so use to getting the same old products time and time again. I love a good pamper session so I really want to get this Cosmetic Warrior face mask.

#8. Lumee Light Up Phone Case | Lumee
The ultimate selfie queen/king phone case! I'm not much of a selfie taker because I'm always in a rush before I leave the house and the time I get home my make-up is normally non-existent but normally lighting is the problem for my lack of selfies, and standing on a chair to get closer to a bulb and potentially falling off and breaking my neck in the name of my own vanity seems a bit ridiculous so this is defiantly something I have my eye on. (I promise to try and not spam my Instagram account with selfies if I get this).

What's on your Spring Wishlist?

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  1. I think all of us secretly want that phone case!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com