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Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set
I've owned this Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set for about two years now and I'm still as in love with them as I was then. In particular, I absolutely love the buffing brush for applying my foundation. I've tried and tested a few others out but I keep just can't keep away! The Core Collection was one of the first makeup brush set I owned and I defiantly think these brushes are perfect if you're just starting out using makeup!

In the Core Collection, you get 4 brushes - Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush and a Detailer Brush. Although I don't always use brushes for their 'real' purposes, you can use them however you feel comfortable. I use the Contour Brush for highlight and my detailer brush is used for all sorts, it's a very versatile brush. The brush I don't use much is the foundation brush, I've never been a big fan of foundation brushes although because this brush is quite small for a foundation brush I do use it to apply my concealer if I'm using my Real Techniques Miricle Complexion Sponge to blend it out after.

Washing these brushes is also always an easy job, and they dry incredibly fast although I recommend leaving brushes to dry for a whole day/during the night and to dry them naturally. I also avoid washing right at the bottom of the brush because the glue holding the bristles together will eventually weaken after lots of washes, I've had my brushes for nearly two years and they haven't even shed once so I don't think they'll be falling apart anytime soon.

Overall, I'm happy these brushes are in my brushes collection and I will continue to love and use them every day! 

 Superdrug | £20.99

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  1. lovelovelove real techniques, I rarely use any other brand! xx

    1. Me too, such great quality brushes and so inexpensive too!x

  2. I love this set although I wish they sold the buffing brush separately as that's my most used!
    Charlotte //

  3. yes, yes, yes I 100% agree with this post :)
    The first brush set I ever owned and the best one to this day!
    Although I really would love to branch out and buy a more high-end brush set! Maybe one day?