How To Not Be A Morning Person

How To Not Be A Morning Person
I've never been a morning person probably because I'm always the last one awake in my household tapping away at my laptop or just staring at the ceiling wondering when I'm going to get tired enough to sleep and when it doesn't happen my phones in my hands before I know it I'm on Youtube until 2am!

Not being a morning person brings a lot of challenges, like getting out of bed! Why does my bed feel so much cozier when I need to get up? I mean how can I get out, my body is so relaxed and.. Shit,I've fallen back to sleep and it was such a good sleep that I didn't even hear my alarm go off! That's it, the productive morning I had planned is out the window, might as well just sulk about it in bed with a cup of tea on my phone before I know it it's lunch time and I've managed to do absolutely nothing.

Let's google how to get up earlier and I'll definitely get up early tomorrow, today was a trial.
Time to read a billion posts about 'how to be a morning person' and I'm convinced this will do the trick, I'll be jumping out of my bed as soon as my alarm goes off maybe even earlier, who knows? No-one does until the next morning.

Right well, it's time for an early night because that's the big secret to getting up early apparently. I'll just quickly tweet and tell everyone I'm having an early night although most people are asleep at this time, early to me is really late to the average person. Nevermind, I'm sure my fellow night owls will be impressed!

The next morning I'm still sleeping through my alarm to remind me to get up early, I eventually hear it and turn it off and tell myself "I'm just going to shut my eyes for 5 minutes, just to ease myself into waking up". I don't just shut my eyes for 5 minutes, no-one does. I've done it again, I've fallen back to sleep my early morning plans have been deserted and it's time to face facts. I'm not a morning person, probably never will be. 

The worst struggle of all is the fact that I don't like not being a morning person. In fact, mornings are my favorite time of day, I love getting up early and getting stuff done so I have time to do whatever I need to do throughout the day but I guess I just love sleep and my bed just a little bit more!

Are you or are you not a morning person?

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  1. Im always up between 7:30 and 8:30am but thats because I'm pants at sleeping in! Sounds like its going to make you all productive but in reality I'm usually knackered again by 10pm so have to go to bed killing off all efforts of a social life!
    Lizzy | by Lizzy x

    1. I find when I wake up early I need a power nap too!x