My New Favourite Pair Of Lashes

A few years ago you would never see with without some false lashes on! I loved them.
I stopped loving them when I dreaded putting them on and I wasn't and I'm still not great at applying them so it would just take me forever to get them right and I decided it wasn't worth the hassle and so I abandoned them, I also have really sensitive eyes so they were getting really irritated when I was wearing lashes frequently.

Moving on a few years I really missed wearing eyelashes especially with a smokey eye or for special occasions so I thought I'd go out and get a few pairs for when I want to wear them. I'll definitely be wearing them in moderation and not because I fear people will think I look weird without them like I did when I was 16! I think we all go through the stage of doing our make up a particular way that we don't want to change it because we're so comfortable with that particular makeup look, like recently I realised how I can't do my makeup without contouring and highlighting even when I can't be bothered because I feel people will notice I actually don't have chiseled cheekbones nor a small nose but it's makeup and if I don't want to make it look like I have the perfect bone structure why should I? I think that may be my problem more than anyone else's but it's 2016 if your eyebrows aren't on fleek neither are you or so it seems.

Anyway, back on the subject of eyelashes I picked up these Eyelure London Enchanted Lashes in Forever and I adore them! My eyes are quite small so an extremely long lash makes my eyes look even smaller than they are but these are the perfect length for me. The only downside to the lashes is there's a visible band but it's so thin you can't tell when they are applied. I also really like the packaging, I've used Eylure lashes in the past and I've always loved their range of lashes but so far these are my favourite! These lashes are limited edition too which is why I brought two pairs but I hope they decided to keep them going otherwise I better stock up on a few more pairs! I picked these up from Superdrug for £5.25 (here).

What are your favourite pair of lashes?

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  1. These lashes look absolutely gorgeous! I don't really have a favourite pair of lashes. I have so many that it's so hard to choose haha!

    Liz ~ Dreaming of Diamonds

    1. They are! I'm going to start buying a few more pairs in future to build a little collection, these might not be my only favourites soon! x

  2. They sure look beautiful but unfortunately I cannot seem to apply them well. :/

    Joy @ The Joyous Living

    1. Aren't they! I have trouble applying them too but practice and you'll get there in the end!x