Why Do I Wear Makeup?

Today I'm sharing with you the "Why Do I Wear Makeup" tag after seeing other beauty lovers like me do this tag! I've always loved makeup since I knew what it was but my love for it has evolved into, you could call an obsession/addiction okay, that sounds bad but I think it could be true. Anyways, let get on with why I wear makeup!

#1 | When did you begin wearing makeup?
I started wearing makeup when I was quite young although when I first started wearing makeup I only wore foundation which I really regret now because I didn't need foundation then, my skin was perfect! I wish someone told me when I started wearing makeup to up my skin care regime but no-one did and sometimes I slept in my makeup which actually makes me cringe because I would never dream of doing that now, well I physically find it hard to sleep when I have makeup on I just feel so dirty, you beauty lovers know what I'm talking about! So yeah I would say I started wearing makeup when I started secondary school with only foundation as a beauty product, can you imagine how bland my face looked!

#2 | How do I feel without makeup?
I love not wearing makeup in the comfort of my own home and in front of my boyfriend and family, I don't normally go out of the house without makeup! I obviously don't do the full works to go to the shop to get some milk but I'll, at least, put a bit of concealer on! I don't like going out in public without makeup on because I'm not comfortable doing so, that's just how I feel. Don't get me wrong I would love not to care so much and always leave the house without makeup on for a few extra hours in bed but I also really love applying my makeup, sometimes I'll wake up extra early just to take my time to do it because I love it so much even if I am only going to the shop for some milk!

#3 | What do you like about makeup?
I love everything about makeup, at first, it was only about improving my appearance but now even nice makeup packaging makes me excited. I love trying out new makeup products and just experimenting with different looks. I love learning new ways to apply it and building up my makeup collection. I have always found interest in makeup and probably always will!

#4 | What are you holy grail makeup items?

   Tarte Tartlette In Bloom Palette 
 Real Techniques Miricle Complexion Sponge
 Lord & Berry Liquid Eyeliner 

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  1. Such a fun tag! I might do it myself!


  2. I love reading posts like this! Your photos are beautiful too, following you on GFC! :D xx

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    1. Thank you! I followed you back, I'm already following you on Bloglovin' and Instagram x

  3. I love that you answered some of these, it's a great tag!
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin'