Another Mac Dupe & Yes, It's £1!

Mac Cosmo Dupe Mua Shade lipstick 11

I'm back again with another Mac Dupe, you can find my recent Mac Dupe here. I recently received Mac Cosmo from a giveaway I was lucky enough to win and as soon as I saw it I couldn't help but think I've seen it before, I immediately dug out this MUA lipstick in Shade 11 and swatched them both side by side. Although the MUA one isn't as full coverage they are very similar and with the price difference, it's a bargain. I think this would be a great lipstick to try out before you decide if you want the Mac one. 

Mac Cosmo Dupe Mua Lipstick Shade 11

They are exactly the same colour although Mac Cosmo has a thicker consistency and it is also more full-coverage. I would say this colour is a brownish pink it shows up quite pink on my pale face but I feel this would show up as more of a pinky nude on a darker skin tone. The cheaper alternative shows up more of a pink with a slight nude/orange. The Mac one obviously lasts a lot longer during the day as the MUA one is really creamy so it slowly fades away and doesn't have the same staying power as Mac, I love a neutral colour lipstick because I can team it with any outfit/makeup look so I will be using these a lot - I'm glad I found a dupe for this lipstick so now I can use an alternative when I don't want to run down Cosmo so fast! 

I really love the Mac one and there's no denying I would pick Mac Cosmo over Mua Shade 11 but I think it's a great replica and a lot cheaper, it's a great way to test that a colour lipstick would suit you before buying the most expensive one first.

(First picture doesn't reflect the colour - they're not red lipsticks)

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  1. I love the MUA shade a lot more because it's a bit more coral in colour!!
    Kathy x

    1. I love it too, and it's not too bright either! x

  2. Fantastic hun! Ii love a good dupe, especially when its so cheap! lol

    1. Thank you & me too, love finding cheap alternatives! x