Handbag Beauty Essentials

Handbag Beauty Essentials
If I'm completely honest I'm the type of girl that if I don't need to bring a bag with me, I won't. I normally just stick my bank card in my pocket and off I go but with limited pocket space I tend to forget some things I might need during the day, for example, I'm ALWAYS forgetting my Superdrug/Boots cards because I never bring my purse anywhere with me, unless of course I have my handbag with me. On long day's out I always bring a handbag to chuck some beauty essentials into, especially as the weather is improving and my makeup tends to need touching up more often and since I live in England it could be really hot one minute and be raining the next so I need somewhere to store my sunglasses while it's raining for 5 minutes (I did say I lived in England).

#1 - Lipstick | £6.99
I cannot leave the house without a lipstick, the proof is in my jacket pockets and handbags! If I'm wearing lipstick I always have the lipstick I'm wearing that day to touch it up. I always seem to get lipstick all over my face when I eat so that's where my makeup bag comes in handy and that's how they end up in all my handbags and pockets!

#2 - Sudocrem Skin Care Cream | £2.11
This perfect size tube of Sudocrem has been my best friend lately, for someone with spot prone skin this is a great product. What I love most about this product is that it's so versatile, you can use this as a moisturiser, a face mask and a spot cream and you can also apply it to dry skin. I use to use the original Sudocrem all the time around 2 years ago and I loved it but I stopped using it to try out other products. I was sent this Sudocrem Skin Care Cream to review and I'm so glad I was asked because I remember why I use to use it every night. In the summer my skin tends to be more oily than dry on my face although my skin gets dry everywhere else, with oil comes spots and this reduces the redness of my spots overnight - or If I'm not wearing makeup during the day too, I also use this on my dry skin too as I have eczema and this is great to travel around with, I used to bring bottles of moisturiser with me everywhere in the summer and a bottle of moisturiser bigger than your bag isn't a good look, let me tell you! So overall I think this is a great little product and it's the perfect solution for most skin problems! I wonder if it would work on knat bites?! Ugh, I'm not looking forward to those this summer or any summer for that matter!

#3  - Sunglasses | £2.00
As the weather is improving in England (finally) it's that time of year to whip out your sunglasses! I always have a pair floating about at the bottom of my bag even when the weather isn't great well because I live in England and the weather can change faster than a girl's mood (or is that just me?). I love this pair I picked up in Primark for only £2, bargain! I also love wearing glasses because as silly as it sounds I don't care about wearing makeup as much as hopefully no-one will notice me with my pale face and my eyes hidden under some cool sunglasses.

Handbag Beauty Essentials Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

#4 - Body Spray | £1.99
I think I mentioned this in my 'What's in my bag" which was forever ago, but I always bring body spray everywhere with me, my favourite body spray is Impulse Very Pink. It has such a nice fruity scent and it reminds me of so many memories now that I've been using it for so long! I think it's definitely an essential to smell nice!

#5 - Hair Clips 
Hairclips are my best friend, they're a great way to get your hair out of your face without tying it up. I normally always have my hair down but where my hair is getting so long I get fed up of it towards the end of the day and I normally loose all my hair tyes, so this is the perfect solution. I think these clips are so convenient to have and you can use them for a few other things than just your hair - I remember I used a clip to keep a changing room curtain closed as it was jammed at the top so it left a gap big enough for anyone who walked past to see in, with quick thinking I clipped the curtain onto the frame of the changing room! 

#6 - Makeup Bag
I bring a little bag of makeup with me everywhere, I normally just chuck in a few of the products I'm using that day so I can touch it up. That normally consists of powder, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer and a few brushes. I'm always changing up what's in my makeup bag, I don't bring my everyday makeup bag everywhere I go with me, I just bring a couple of products. I got this makeup bag from Superdrug for free when I went in there recently and brought a few things - It's perfect handbag size, and did I mention it was free?! 

Handbag Beauty Essentials Makeup

What are your handbag beauty essentials?

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  1. Loved this post!
    I always need to have lipstick, concealer, body spray, and a lip balm in my bag!

    Megan xx | itsmeganrose.blogspot.com

  2. I'll have to keep an eye out for those sunnies, my Primark has the worst selection! I always make sure to carry lipbalm, eyedrops (for contacts) and tampons... you never know!

    Claudia // Lipstick Theory // Lifestyle Blog