Spring/Summer Lipsticks & Swatches

Spring/Summer Lipsticks & Swatches
When I think of Spring/Summer bright pastel colours spring to mind (see what I did there) but when it comes to lipsticks I'm very basic, I couldn't walk out of the house with a bright orange lipstick on and feel comfortable, if you can then would you please send me some of your confidence in the post,thanks. I was looking at all my lipsticks trying to pick out some for this post and I realised I'm such a boring person when it comes to lipsticks, which seems crazy because I have so many they just happen to be the same or similar colours which range from light pinks,nudes to plums, browns, reds and I own two peach ones but I can't say I've ever used them, If I have I've probably mixed it with another colour after to tone it down a little. 

Lipstick has always been my favourite beauty product I guess it's the variety of shades they come in (even if I do buy most of the same colours) and now you can find all sorts of different lipsticks with different finishes,in particular, I love a good matte lip but I do find a creamy lipstick is best for the hotter months, I try and keep the matte for the colder months or Spring/Summer evenings. 
I picked out 6 lipsticks that I'll most definitely be wearing all throughout summer and a few ones I've been wearing recently as it's only just started feeling like Spring in England! 

#1 - L'Oreal Paris Privee Color Riche Julianne's Nude | RRP £6.99
I love this pinky nude lipstick, it matches any outfit or makeup look. I think this colour would suit most skin tones, especially fair skin tones. I feel this may be a little too light for those who have a darker skin tone. This is definitely a "my lips but better" lipstick for me as I have quite fair skin but even when I wear a darker foundation it doesn't look unnatural. I love the packaging of this lipstick it's very sleek and I love the matte black and gold it makes the lipstick so much more expensive that it is! The lipstick itself has a very creamy consistency which I like wearing in the hotter seasons.

#2 - MUA Lipstick Tulip | RRP £1.00
MUA is a great brand for cheap lipsticks and they're really great quality for the price you pay for them, you really can't go wrong! I picked out this light pink shade called Tulip and it's such a pretty colour. The formula is creamy and the colour pigment is really good for a lipstick that cost only 100 pennies, although I find this lipstick fades into nothing after a couple of hours I don't mind reapplying it every so often. 

#3 - Essence 03 Come Naturally | RRP £2.30
This is a mauve coloured lipstick, although it's a really light mauve when it's applied to lips so I always use my mac soar to fill in my lips before I put this on to get the look I want, without the lip liner it makes my lips look a little bit frosty... I love the creamy texture, and it lasts for quite a long time (with a lip liner underneath) I haven't found a better mauve lipstick that I like more than this yet so if you have any recommendation it would be much appreciated! 

#4 - MUA Lipstick Shade 2 | RRP £1.00
Another MUA lipstick but there so affordable I have so many in my lipstick collection and a few in my jacket pockets and purses! I don't normally go for lipsticks with a bit of a shimmer to them but with this, I can barely even notice. This is quite a sheen lipstick so it's not would I would say full coverage but I like the way it looks, it's not too full on which I think is great for Spring/Summer. The colour is purple with a tiny hint of pink, I'll definitely be wearing this a lot! 

#5 - Mac Cosmo | RRP £15.50
I was lucky enough receive this lipstick in a giveaway and I'm obsessed. The colour is a pinky brown and I love the finish it has! This also lasts such a long period of time and I rarely ever have to re-apply it in one outing! This is a netural colour so you could match it with any outfit and I would say it would suit all skintones, I have a feeling I'm going to be using this so much, I think I'll need to buy a new one come September!

#6 - L'Oreal Paris Privee Color Riche Red By Blake | RRP £6.99 
This is the most amazing red I own! It's such a classic red and everyone needs a red lipstick in their lipstick collection! I feel a red lip is for ALL seasons, and you can wear it during the day and at night too but I would save the red for the evening and wear something a little more toned down during the day! The coverage and pigment of this lipstick is mindblowing especially as it's such an affordable lipstick! 

What are your favourite Spring/Summer Lipsticks?

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  1. The last one is beautiful!!!! Great post!

    XX, Mai

    *** Maikshine ***

  2. I have so many red lipsticks but Blake Lively's red always calls my name, I think I need to give in and buy it! The MAC shade is lovely as well x


    1. You should! It's a really great red to own x