The Reasons Why I Love Blogging

Reasons Why I Love Blogging
I've nearly been blogging for a year now and although I had a few months where I didn't blog I don't know what I did in my spare time before it! Although blogging takes up a lot of my time and sometimes I have zero motivation to do anything blog related I still love it, don't get me wrong it is a lot of hard work but I blog because I enjoy it, I also like to make sure what I'm putting on the world wide web is at least decent to read and look at so that's where the hard work comes in, perfection takes time, effort and a lot of practice and I'm still practicing EVERYDAY.

As I mentioned I've only been blogging for nearly a year but I've loved every minute of having a blog, there are some downsides too but that's another story, I want to talk about all the reasons to love blogging and there sure is a few, to say the least. I still haven't got the whole blogging thing down to a T yet but I'm slowly getting there, can I even call myself a beauty blogger? I don't even know.

#1 - A place to talk about my favourite things
I've always loved makeup and anything beauty related so I've always had a little collection of makeup/beauty products which I must say has expanded rapidly since I started blogging so apart from just wearing my makeup and keeping it in a drawer getting dusty why not share my thoughts on products with everyone who loves makeup just as much as I do! 

#2 - Receiving lovely comments
Receiving nice comments is definitely a mood lifter, a comment can make my day, just knowing someone has taken their time to read what you've written and that they trust you enough to listen to your opinion is so incredible to me, without sounding cheesy! I never thought I'd be where I am now when I started blogging to be really honest I thought I would get bored of it like I do most things and abandon it but the more hard work I put into it the more I want my blog to grow and maybe become something that people will come to just to read what I have to say.

#3 - Supportive Community
I love the support other bloggers have for each other, and it's definitely a community I feel I belong in. I love reading other blogs and seeing what other fellow beauty/lifestyle bloggers are talking about, I find the most inspiration from other bloggers. I have learnt so much from blogging and I'm so glad I started, I honestly don't know what I'd do without it now, what I do know is I'd probably have a lot less makeup in my collection but I wouldn't go back now, I'm in far too deep even though sometimes it does become a bit stressful and other times I do feel like giving up but then I remember all the great things that come with it, and now I can reflect on this post when I'm feeling fed up of blogging!

#4 - Reaching Milestones
When I first started blogging I didn't think anyone other than my family members would be reading it, especially after seeing so many amazing blogs who are talking about similar topics to me I thought I was kidding myself into thinking people would actually read my blog and with some major promotion (sorry to the people who follow me on Twitter) people realised my blog existed and clicked on it, although I wouldn't say I have a permanent base of readers, I still have readers like you and that's the main thing. Reaching milestones brings such a great feeling, although I don't set my sights too high, good things come to those who work for it and are patient and I can be patient (sometimes).

#5 - Having something to do ALL THE TIME 
With blogging there is always something to do or something that needs to be done, it's a constant cycle but that's what I love about it. I used to spend my days watching reality tv (I still do, even when I should be planning my next blog post) which is fun when you want to not because you have nothing else to do. I found myself doing the same thing day in and day out and I was getting very irritated and bored so when I discovered blogging, I basically discovered my meaning of life - Ok, maybe that's a little too drastic but it's kind of true. You can never ever be bored if you have a blog, I promise.

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  1. Comments are probably my favourite thing about blogging if I'm honest. Just because it means people engage with the post!xx

    Beth | MissCosmeticBlogger

    1. I agree, it's great to know someone is actually reading what you've spent hours writing! x

  2. I love getting nice comments too! Every Saturday afternoon I sit down with a tea, have a read through all of them and reply to them. It's such a lovely ritual and always makes me feel inspired for the next week. I loved this post and couldn't help clicking on the 'follow' button when I read it!

    Steph -

  3. Your blog is so pretty, I really love the design - defo nice to look at (haha) :)
    Awh, I agree with all these things, you've summed everything up so well :-D
    100% gained a fan in me x