10 Minute Makeup

10 Minute Makeup
I can't deny I can take up to an hour and a half to do my makeup, if I give myself the time but sometimes I just don't have the time and I find myself in a rush to get ready as quick as I absolutely can. I don't think I could do my makeup in less than 10 minutes and every time I rush I just mess it all up too which delays me even longer so I'd say 10 minutes is a reasonable time to do your makeup if you need to be quick!

Before I do my makeup I always cleanse,tone and moisturise, If I'm really in a rush and I've washed my face the night before I normally just wipe my skin down with some micellar water on a cotton pad just to get off all the leftover product I put on before I went to sleep.

Primer - 10 seconds 
I always prime my face to ensure my makeup stays intact all day, especially when you know you won't be able to re-apply during the day. I've been using the Nivea For Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm after hearing so many people raving about it and substituting it for a primer and it's great! It keeps my makeup on all day and doesn't feel heavy on my skin like other primers do. 

Foundation - 1 minute 30 seconds 
Next I apply my foundation using my So Eco Finishing Brush, the brush is actually meant for Blusher but I love using this for buffing in my foundation. I have been using the L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation recently as it's getting hotter here in England and this isn't a thick foundation but it gives my skin a radiant healthy glow and it's really light on my skin.

Concealer - 1 minute 
Time for concealer and I apply this to any blemishes I have, under my eyes and anywhere I would normally highlight to brighten up my face using the Maybelline Age Rewind Eye Concealer in Light. I use a concealer brush on blemishes and a damp sponge to blend out the rest, I love the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge but I've also been trying out the Spectrum Blending Sponge and that's great too, I also use the sponge to just dab around my face to make sure all the foundation is even and the sponge helps to pick up any excess product.

Powder - 1 minute 
I don't always powder my whole face so I normally apply a light powder to wherever I used my concealer to keep my concealer in place, I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to do this and the lighter powder in the Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Kit in Fair.

Bronzer - 1 minute 
After all that let's get some colour back into that face! I bronze up my face using Cargo Cosmetics Bronzer, I apply this to my jawline, hollows of my cheek and on my temples. If I have the time I'll also contour my nose with the same bronzer and a pencil brush, If not I just swipe my angled bronzer brush down each side of my nose.

10 Minute Makeup

Blusher - 20 seconds 
I don't always apply blusher because it's not really an essential but I have been loving using TheBalm Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain, I apply a little bit to my cheeks and then blend it out using my fingers and patting it in.

Eyebrows - 2 minutes 
Eyebrows for me always take the longest, that and liquid eyeliner but that's why I haven't included liquid eyeliner in this 10-minute makeup post because if I used liquid eyeliner in a rush things wouldn't end well but carrying on... Depending on how I'm doing for time I fill in my brows using the Lord & Berry Magic Brow Pencil and then use the Model Co More Brows Eyebrow Thickening Fibre Gel over the top to fill in any sparse areas I may have missed but If I'm really in a rush I'll just use the thickening brow gel on its own.

Eyeshadow - 1 minute (30 seconds each eye)
We only have a few minutes left so we don't have time to mess about and have a palette of eyeshadows full of amazing different colours to choose from so what I liked to do is use my bronzer as a transition shade and blend it into my crease and then to add a little sparkle I love the LOC One & Done Shadow Stick in Champagne Problems all over my eyelid and it's so quick and easy to apply it should take any longer than 30 seconds to do each eye!

Mascara - 1 minute 
A few coats of mascara complete any look, maybe not a few coats because we only have 1 minute left so hopefully that's enough time for 2 coats on each eye. I love the Eye Of Horus Black Goddess Mascara, it never clumps and makes my lashes more full and longer.

10 Minute Makeup Makeup

Lips - 1 minute 
I can't leave the house without some sort of lipstick on, I just feel bare without it and it completes any makeup look, I'm always changing up my lip products but my favourite lip combo at the moment is Mac Soar Lipliner and the L'Oreal Privee Color Riche Lipstick in Julianne's Nude - I love this lipstick as it's a similar colour to my natural lips but better and it has a nice finish.

Additional: Highlighter (20 seconds)
If you still have 20 seconds to spare it's time to get your glow on, glowing skin is a must-have! I love to use the Collection Speedy Highlighter Stick in Pearl Sheen this is so easy to apply. I apply this on the tops of my cheeks, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow and if I have a brush nearby I'll also apply some highlighter under the bridge of my eyebrows.

How long does it take you to do your makeup?

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  1. I love quick makeup!! I use one entire brush for my entire face and this really cuts back time :)
    Kathy x

    1. That's a really good idea! I'll have to try it x

  2. Great idea about using a bronzer on your eyes to speed up time!

    Jazzria x

  3. Eyebrows in two minutes are serious #goals! It take me a good 4 to 5 to do mine! It's the one thing I can't rush on or else it bugs me all day! Great post.