Birchbox | June 2016

June Birchbox 2016
To be quite honest I was going to unsubscribe to Birchbox this month because I've been thinking a little and I sometimes feel I'm wasting money on Birchbox, do not get me wrong I have received some great products from Birchbox but sometimes I just feel like I don't use the products I receive enough and that was the whole point of me getting it in the first place, to try new products! I've come to the conclusion that I want to spend the money I would spend on Birchbox to be put towards a product I genuinely want to try or just something I want to add to my makeup collection. I know this is completely contradicting my Beauty Subscription Boxes Are They Worth It? post but I still agree that it is a great way to explore new products and brands that you may not have considered trying before.

I loved this months box I have to say, the Palm Trees design and colours are so summery and vibrant. I will also will 100% be reusing it because this month box came as a keepsake drawer! This month's theme was beauty must-haves that are great to use on sunny days.

June Birchbox 2016 Beauty Box

The first thing I received in this months box was Jelly Pong Pong Paradise Pigments (Full Size) | RRP £17.95
I haven't got round to using this yet but I love the packaging, I don't think I've used something like this before. I got this product in the colour Cake Pop which is quite a deep pink but according to the description, it's very subtle when it's applied. I'm excited to experiment with it!

Next, I got Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray | RRP £12
I have heard about this product before so I assume it's going to be a great hairspray but I'm not a hairspray kind of girl! I cannot stand the feel of hairspray in my hair but I do use hairspray when I really need it so I don't know when I'm going to use this but I'm sure one day when I need hairspray I will reach for this. I like how this is heat resistant free as it's quite hard to find a hairspray that is. 

June Birchbox 2016 Jelly Pong Pong

Thirdly,  James Reed Overnight Tan Sleep Mask Tan Face | RRP £25
I'm so boring but I'm not much of a tanner either because I have eczema and have you ever tried to apply tan to dry skin?! It's not a great idea. I have used something like this before which is the Nip+Fab Body Glow Fix Clear Tanning Gel and it doesn't smell which is great because some fake tans don't smell too pleasant, I will most probably use this if I catch a tan because my face takes a lot longer to tan than anywhere else.

I'm most excited to try this one which is the Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer | RRP £21.50
I don't own an eyelid primer yet, I normally just use concealer to prime my eyelids because I've never really considered eye primer as an essential. I will use this and see how I get on with it and see if it makes a difference! I never feel like my eyeshadow moves much but I think this would be great to use before a night out with heavy eye makeup.

June Birchbox 2016 Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

Lastly, we have Whish Coconut Milk CC Body Cream | RRP £15.50
Glowing skin is a must-have especially in the sunnier months, this is a lotion that will hydrate and bronze your skin and give your skin nourishment. I'm quite excited to try this out and it smells so good but it's more of a sweet scent than fresh but there's no doubt you'll smell amazing if you rub this all over your skin!

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