Recent Favourites

Recent Favourites
I have a few favourites to share with you! There's not many things I've been loving lately but nevertheless I've still found some things I have been using and enjoy using (expect the eyelash curlers, they're just pretty to look at). 

#1. Primark Rose Gold Eyelash Curler | RRP £1.00
I had to talk about this first because oh my gosh it's so pretty! I don't think I'll ever use them to curl my lashes as I hate using eyelash curlers they just seem to pull all my eyelashes out so I got them to use as a prop. I can't say if they are good at curling your eyelashes but hey they're rose gold, you need to have a pair. 

#2. B. Powder Brush | RRP £9.99
I have been using the same brush to apply my powder for nearly a year now and I'm getting bored of it but I didn't own anything as good to apply powder with so I picked this B one up at Superdrug to try it out, I love how the brush is dome shaped and it's sooo soft and doesn't move my foundation when I'm swirling it around my face so that's always a good thing!

#3. L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation | RRP £9.99
I've been using this religiously during the sunnier weather because it's such a lightweight foundation but covers all my imperfections effortlessly! I don't feel like I have makeup on when I'm wearing this alone and I love the colour match, I do find some foundations either make me look really ill or really orange but this is the perfect shade for me!

Recent Favourites Linzi Shoes

#4. Biore Charcoal Cleanser | RRP £5.19
Cleansers aren't something I get overly excited about but I do like to try new skin care products all the time in hope I find a product that does wonders to my skin and makes my face look just as good as an airbrushed picture, I know I have high hopes but I do feel this working when and after I've used this and it makes my skin super soft too.

#5. Linzi Slingback Sliders Sandals | RRP £15.00
I love these sandals from Linzi they look super stylish and they go great with any summer outfit! The best thing is they're so comfy! The only downside to these is I had to get a size smaller to fit into them as they were to big in my usual size 4 but they still fit perfectly and they're quite unique, they come in different styles and colours so I cannot wait to get more although I might have to wait until next summer to wear them all!

What have you been loving recently?

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  1. I love the true match foundation so much! I dont think I could use anything else! And ofc it's a perfect match to match my neck when I wear fake tan. From Louise at xx

  2. I've wanted to try that Biore cleanser for ages, just waiting for it to go on sale haha!
    Kathy x