Things To Do On A Rainy Day

things to do on a rainy day
I don't know about you but I love a rainy day, I just think there's something so calming about the rain for me, instead of moaning that it's raining I'm normally just enjoying the sound of it hitting against the window. I don't however like going out in the rain there's absolutely nothing calming about being soaking wet and having makeup running down your face when you've just spent an hour doing it!

Since I normally spend a rainy day at home (unless I HAVE to go out) I have a few things I do to keep my occupied at home and let me tell you rainy days are probably my most productive too!

#1. Have a Bubble Bath 
I love having bubble baths and they're so relaxing, I could spend hours in the bath but best not otherwise you'll come out of the bathroom looking like a prune! I feel a lot more comfortable once I've had a bath and even more cosy.

#2. Get Your Favourite PJ's On 
Rainy days are Pyjama days, Stick on your favourite set and get comfy! I love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa when it's cold and wet outside whilst I'm nice and snug inside.

#3. Watch Movies!
What a better way to waste a day, and you don't want to be stuck indoors watching movies when the weather improves so may as well do it now while you have the chance.

#4. Schedule some blog posts
Don't watch movies all day though, invest some spare time into your blog! I always feel so much better in myself when I've got a few posts planned, I don't have to feel as guilty if I decide to give blogging a break for one night.

#5. Read some blogs 
I love reading other blogs and seeing what other bloggers are loving at the moment and finding inspiration from other bloggers too, I love reading blogs and discovering new ones (leave your blog link in the comments)

#6. Clean (I know, boring )
Okay so for someone who lives with her boyfriend I don't have anyone else to clean up after me other than me (my boyfriend barley cleans up after himself) so I haven't got a choice to clean it's a daily adult thing I have to do although I don't particularly enjoy doing it I feel much better when I know all the housework has been done.

#7. Play a board game (unless your home alone)
I love playing board games it's something that passes the time but without staring at your phone refreshing your Facebook news feed to see if there any new videos you haven't watched yet like I sometimes find myself doing when I'm bored! Monopoly is my favourite although sometimes that game can go on for 9+ hours and I end up wanting to quit 4 hours in, still fun, though!

What activities do you do on a rainy day?

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  1. I love cleaning and organising on a rainy days, it makes me feel so productive!!
    Kathy x

    1. Me too! It something you don't want to be doing when it's hot outside so it's one of those rainy day activities! x

  2. Pizza and movies is the best for a rainy day at home! And of course, hot chocolate :)


    1. mmm, I really want a hot chocolate now! haha x

  3. Pizza and movies is the best for a rainy day at home! And of course, hot chocolate :)


  4. Movie nights, pizza (always!!)... We have to get together some time and make this happen, haha!
    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

  5. Bubble baths and movies are the best things to do in a rainy day :)

  6. 2 and 3 are my favourite things to do on rainy days, I find watching movies in my pj's when it's raining outside to be so so enjoyable.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode