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You probably haven't even noticed but I haven't blogged at all this year which has been playing on my mind for ages, I've opened my laptop countless times and jotted down 100+ ideas in my note pad but time and motivation hasn't been on my side.

I've really missed blogging and having something to do in my spare time (if I have any) other than watching reality tv but I've been so busy since my last blog post and so much has changed. I've moved house, I'm constantly working and if I'm not working I'm sleeping or eating but now I'm ready and motivated to share my months of ideas with you all and make my blog a blog again and not just an abandoned website on the world wide web.

I'm going to keep this blog post short, I just felt I couldn't jump back into blogging without a warm up post and a little explanation but I'm so excited to start my blogging adventure again and I have so many ideas that I can't wait to share with you all! 

Until next time (which will be pretty soon)

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