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Birthday Wishlist 21st Subject Beauty
It's my birthday one week from today and I'm going to be the big 21! I can't believe how quick the years pass as I get older, I feel like I was counting down the days for my 18th birthday only months ago but I'm very excited for my birthday and I can't wait to enjoy the day with my loved ones. I haven't done a proper post this year and I've done a birthday wish-list every year since I started blogging so I thought I'd kick start blogging again with a wish-list, plus I definitely think these are my favourite posts to do.

I've been dying to get my hands on a few things for a while now but some are more on the expensive side so if you going to treat yourself what better time than on your birthday! My family also always have a snoop on my blog for present inspiration too so here you are guys (no pressure). 
Heres what's on my wishlist:
1.Oliver Bonas Gold Alphabet Letter S  2. Ted Baker Rose Plating Crystal Stud Earrings  3. Kylie Bird Embroidery Cross Body Bag 4. Two Faced Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection 5. Tommy Hilfiger Bikini Tops & Bottoms 6. Send Me More Nudes Velvet Liquid Lipstick Kylie Cosmetics 7.  Guerlain Mon Guerlain Parfum 

When is your birthday & what do you wish for?

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  1. I hope you had an amazing 21st! I couldn't agree more about the whole times flies situation...I turned 20 in march and was gutted to lose my teens haha! I swear as soon as you hit 18 your life literally flies past. The too faced natural love palette looks so beautiful! -xo