Monthly Favourites | July '17

Monthly Favourites July Subject Beauty

This month I have found some real goodies and received some too as it was my birthday! (It was such an amazing day - with thanks to my family, boyfriend and his family) I could be here all day discussing all the great things I've discovered and re-discovered this month but I've just picked out a few of the one's I love a little bit more than the others.

First thing on the list has to be this absolutely beautiful embroidered suede bag from Topshop which my boyfriend got me for my birthday, I would say he has great taste in picking this out himself but thanks to my Birthday Wishlist (Link) he knew I loved this bag,  he did get me it in black (I prefered the pale pink originally) but it's a beautiful bag whatever the colour and I've brought it on many travels this month.

Monthly Favourites July Topshop Embroidered Bag

Next, on the list of faves is this Nip + Fab Blusher Palette, I picked this up as I don't own many blushers and all the different colour blushes are perfect for summer as they have a slight shimmer which gives the face a nice glow and leaves me looking very fresh faced. I'll definitely be bringing this on holiday with me!

Monthly Favourites July Nip + Fab Blusher Palette

I can't believe I have only just discovered the Kindle App, I love a good book to read and there are so many books to choose from on the app there is a book for every bookworm. You do have to pay for the majority of books you read if not all but it's a lot cheaper than buying a paperback or hardback book although this app wouldn't stop me from still buying a brand new fresh book and adding it to my bookshelf.  

Another thing I recieved for my birthday was Katy Perry Mad Love Eau De Parfum and I'm in love with the scent, it's smells soooo good! It's quite fruity but fresh. I love the bottle for this perfume too, it's pale pink bottle and marble lid would look great on any bloggers dressing table. 

Monthly Favourites July Katy Perry's Mad Love Perfume 50ml

Lastly are these lovely ear cuffs from H&M (I picked these up in a sale so I'm not 100% sure they sell them anymore) I think these are so pretty and you can wear them for any occasional or no occasional at all. They did hurt a bit where they clip but that might be because I've never worn earrings like this before, overall though they look lovely in the jewelry box. 

Monthly Favourites July Subject Beauty H&M Earrings

What have you discovered this month? 

(I'm still trying to get use to my camera especially with focusing (as you can tell), if you have any tips please let me know!)

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