5 Makeup Bag Picks #1

5 makeup bag picks series #1

I don't change up my makeup bag half as much as I should, I have tons and tons of makeup and yet I'll just keep using whatever's in my makeup bag as it's convenient instead of going through draws and draws of makeup picking out what I'm going to use daily. I spend at least 1 hour minimum in a makeup store so I would never be on time if I was pick out my makeup items daily but the only problem with this is I very rarely use the makeup in my draws unless I'm feeling a specific look and need specific products to create it this is why I really need to start switching up my makeup bag and putting some things I over use back in the draw and pick out the things that haven't had much life and use it! 

I decided I was going to try and start a series on my blog of my 5 favourite makeup bag picks which I will pick out every so often (I don't want to put commit to a certain time) to hopefully motivate me to start switching my makeup bag up more often so here's the first one, the majority of my favourite stuff this month is new products I have recently started using, I also organised all my makeup a few days ago (hence the sudden realisation I never use half the makeup I own) I did switch up my makeup bag then so these are the five products I have been loving that are currently in my makeup bag!

In Transit Camera Close-Up Primer / This Works 

I really like this primer. It really gives me a poreless,flawless complexion.  I sometimes get compliments on my skin when I use it, I can't believe how long it's been sitting in my draw for but now I'm starting to think I put it in there because I didn't want to use it all at once and run out super quickly but I'm excited I'm using it again too be honest I completely forgot how amazing it is. 
If it's good enough for VB it's good enough for me! 

In Transit This Works Primer 5 makeup Bag Picks

Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner / Maybelline 

I've been using a gel eyeliner for ages now but they can really dry up, I think you can get drops to revive them but I don't wear eyeliner much anymore since 90% of the time I'm at work so I just keep an eyeliner in my makeup bag for evenings out ect which doesn't happen too often but often enough to keep one in there so on my recent trip to superdrug I picked this up to replace the dried out eyeliner that's been sitting in my makeup bag for months upon end because I can't tell you how many times I've meant to get drops (I still didn't get any on that trip to superdrug) but as a beauty blogger you can't have too many eyeliners anyway. I have been really loving this and I also really like that I don't have to use a brush to apply it either, it's just super handy and I'm glad I've finally switched to a new eyeliner!

Sophx Makeup Revolution London Highlighter Palette 5 makeup Bag Picks

Soph x Highlighter Palette / Makeup Revolution London 

This is a new product I've been using (you know, I picked it up at my recent trip to superdrug that we've already discussed) and I'm sooo impressed with how much Makeup Revolution have upped their game, their quality of products are a-mazing and the price even more amazing! I love a good bargain but I kind of feel cheeky only paying little amounts of money for something I would say is worth a little more but I'm not complaining! I really love the range of highlighters in this palette that SophDoesNails has helped created with 3 pressed and 5 baked highlighters, they give the most amazing glow! 

De Bruyere Jumbo Eye Pencil 5 makeup Bag Picks

Jumbo Eye Pencil / De Bruyere 

I got this pencil in a Glossybox ages ago and I really love using this, it's the perfect champagne colour to pop over the whole lid and it's super easy to blend out and impressively pigmented. I use this mostly when I'm in a rush as it's convenient but you can also use this as an eyeliner instead of an eyeshadow, it's very versatile.  

Master Fixer Maybelline Powder 5 makeup Bag Picks

Master Fixer Powder / Maybelline 

I never really experiment with powder, if I'm being honest I normally pick up the cheapest transparent powder there is and pop it into my bag (obviously after paying for it). I didn't really consider what more can a powder do than set my foundation and make it last a little longer but this powder has completely changed my opinion on powders and I wonder how much I've been missing out on higher end powders too! This powder is so fine it doesn't feel like I'm wearing any at all, and it leaves my skin feeling super soft too. You don't get much in the pot which is the downside but a little goes a long way, i'm intrigued to see how long it lasts.

So there we have it, my five makeup bag picks for this month, I have really enjoyed writing this post so I'm quite intrested if doing this series is going to help me change up the products in my makeup bag, I guess only time can tell!

What are your favourite products in your makeup bag?

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