Monthly Goals | March 2018

March Goals Subject Beauty

Umm.. where did February disappear too? It feels like a few days ago I was writing my February Goals post. I did have an alright February, I guess it could've been better but could've been worse. I didn't get up to too much last month if I'm honest I've just been trying to draft up millions of blog posts so I can try and get ahead of my blogging game but I'm easily distracted, did I ever tell you guys I'm easily distracted? so that's a lot easier said than done! 
So before I jump into my goals for this month which is glorious March (spring is only 20 days away, I'm so so so excited for longer evenings) I best tell you if I managed to accomplish any of my February goals and that answer to that... I didn't fail, I tried my best. 

Recap from February Goals: 

I didn't end up getting any beauty product from the Fenty beauty range because I was super excited to get the foundation until I found out it was matte, my skin and matte foundations hate each other, not for the first few days but it all kicks off after that! I hope Rihanna will expand her beauty range more and soon. I didn't end up reading 5 books either, I did try but I made it through 1.. I was just being super optimistic when I wrote that post OK!
I DID manage to go out with friends though and we have a really good night in a few cocktail bars dancing the night away and soothing a sore head in the morning, it's all worth it though. Go to the gym she said, get fit she said... I'm not even going to try and get out of that one, It's just pure laziness and now I've wasted £40 on a gym membership. I did also manage to do half of my last goal and cleared out all my old makeup which is better than nothing. 

My blogging goals went down a lot better though!
I've been blogging as consistently as I can and I'm very proud that I've managed to keep my blog updated even though some nights I don't finish work until 11pm and then I come home and all I want to do is sleep but I've managed it.. that's also one of the reasons I'm trying to get ahead with my blog posts. Taking better quality photos is quite hard when daylight is restricted, but I'm improving slowly and becoming more creative with my photography. Expanding my content more hasn't happened as soon as I had hoped but I hope to be doing that soon, sharing new things and topics on my blog! My followers improved so much over February too and I can't express how happy it makes me when someone follows me on anything, it's just a great feeling and it's such a great reward for blogging rather than sleeping thats for sure. I gained 1,000 followers on twitter.. I was sooo shocked! Thanks again you beautiful people! 

I think I was too optimistic in last months goals so I'm going to try and keep this months goals as realistic as possible so hopefully in next months post I can say I accomplished everything I set out to do.. so here goes!

1. Mums/Sisters Birthday

It's my mum and sisters birthday this month so the goal here is to make it extra special well especially my mums as it's her 60th!! I can't say much because she's my number 1 fan so she reads most of my posts (or so she says) we have it planned out so hopefully everything falls into place and she has an amazing day as she deserves it, fingers crossed.
It's my sister birthday is the day after and she's turning 19! I can't believe how quickly she's growing up, I think we're having a girly night out so I'm looking forward to that, I also really need to think of something to get her.. any ideas?

2. Visit A New Places  

I've recently started writing a list of all the places I want to visit whether that's somewhere abroad or somewhere in the UK. I haven't got many places on my list so I'm always open to suggestions. I'm going to start local first, like Peggy Porschen in London for example.. I'm a big lover of cake so it makes perfect sense and think of the Instagram photos too!

3. Up My Skincare Regime

I am so lazy when it comes to my skincare and it's nothing to be lazy about, I know. Makeup wipes are my best friend at the moment and they will continue to be but my skin is suffering so bad! It's not the lack of skincare products that stop me (I have enough to open my own little pharmacy) I just get really comfortable and tired and the last thing I want to do is to be splashing my face with water and being wide awake at 1am. I guess you could say I should do it earlier and you my friend are right!  

4. Go On The Hunt for Photo Props 

In my February Goals post I mentioned improving my photography and I guess I can't get any worse than when I first started taking blog photos (they were awful, don't you dare go and look) but after reading post upon post about blog photography I figured I need to expand my props specifically for blog photos, normally I just grab some pretty things that relate to the post but at the moment I'm lacking creativity in my photographs so hopefully some props will improve it and bring my photos a bit more life. 

5. Watch More TV 

I know this goal sounds a little crazy, who doesn't watch TV daily?ME! I just about watch friends while I'm dropping off to sleep but that's as far as it goes and I'm missing out big time.. I didn't even watch Big Brother this year and judge me if you wish but I NEVER miss Celebrity Big Brother so I guess that says it all! (If you never hear from me again, I've become a couch potato)

6. Stay Focused  

I'm ridiculously easily distracted, I open my laptop at 7am and I'll start blogging at 4pm, how does that even happen?! One minute I'm blogging the next I'm re-organising my whole room. I'm thinking of creating an office space in order to be able to focus more instead of sitting on my bed or the sofa blogging or wherever I can to be quite honest. Once I'm focused I'm absolutely fine it just getting there so I'm going to try a few things to see if they help me relax a bit more and keep my mind focused on one thing at a time, I'll keep you updated! 

Blogging Goals

1. Promote Blog/Posts On More Platforms 

I like to promote my new posts on every platform available because my new post isn't going to get read without it but sometimes I upload a new posts and even I forget it exists because I've forgotten to promote it. I don't forget to promote all the time but you can really tell the difference when I don't. I normally use the usual Twitter,Facebook, Google + and Pinterest to promote my posts but I'm currently trying to find different ways and different platforms to promote it. If you have any tips or blog posts that would help feel free to leave it in the comment section! 

2. Connect More With Other Bloggers

Lets just say I'm quite socially awkward, I wish nothing more than saying "hey, lets be friends!" to someone would be as easy as it sounds, believe me I've tried. I just don't know where the fear stems from, what's the worse that's going to happen? "Sorry, I already have a friend"?! I just can't see it happening but you just never know what that person is going to think once your message appears on their screen, I guess you could say it's the fear of the unknown and that's my biggest fear! I would love to connect with other bloggers so I'm going to try and put the fear aside and give it ago, even if it's just baby steps. Feel free to reach out too! 

3. Write More Personal Posts 

I have so many stories to share with you guys, whether you'll enjoy them or find them even remotely interesting is the reason I haven't shared them with you yet, I find it so easy to write about personal stories and the life lessons that life has taught me in the short (nearly 22 years) I've been alive. I've always thought no-one would really care as no-one knows me but I really enjoying writing real life stories so I think that's what I'm going to start doing, let me know if you would enjoy that! 

4. Start Using Pinterest As A Serious Search Engine 

I never knew the power of Pinterest up until recently after reading many of posts all about it and how to get traffic to your blog using pinterest (I have a board on my pintrest of all the tips I've come across you can find it here. I have been using Pinterest for years now, way before I started blogging. I have always loved using it but I loved it even more when I figured I could use it as a source for traffic for my blog and to find other bloggers/new websites I enjoy reading. 

5. Gain More Followers (As Always)

This is a goal I have every month  day, I see it as if I'm gaining followers on my many social platforms it means people are finding me and want to read/see what I create and it's such a great feeling! I don't think followers are everything but of course it's also nice to be liked, who doesn't want a lot of followers? I also think it's a great way to track my following as I can always go back to these posts and see how much I increased/decreased in my followers over time.

Bloglovin' // Currently:  374 | Goal: 400
Twitter // Currently:  1,159 | Goal: 1,250
Instagram // Currently: 520 | Goal: 580
Google + // Currently: 19  | Goal: 25
Blog Followers // Currently: 16 | Goal: 20
Pinterest Followers // Currently: 84 | Goal: 100
Facebook // Currently: 86 | Goal: 100

I haven't set my goals too high because last month I think I was a bit too optimistic although progress is still progress no matter how small but I think I'll lay the pressure off myself, who need to give themselves added pressure we have enough without it, be kind to yourself! 

That's it for this month, until next month! Adios x

 What are your March Goals?

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  1. Good luck with all of that! I just followed you on Instagram and Bloglovin to help you get to your goals.

  2. Ah yes, skincare. I'm also quite lazy when it comes to that and only do the minimum needed. But, you've reminded me, it's so important to take good care of your skin... so I'll also be putting that on my goals list...

    I've actually also started to create a 'work space' as I'm dealing with the same easily distracted problem. It's already working better for me, so I'll hope it'll work out for you!

    My main March goal is trying to tweet more! (and gain followers on there). Twitter was actually the first social media thingy I got, but I'm absolutely rubbish at it. So time to change that!

    Thank you for sharing your goals!