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Peggy Porschen Cake Shop London UK
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I recently explained in my March Goals that I wanted to expand my blog content a little bit more so I've decided to add a little bit of travel into my blog, this doesn't mean I'm going to be jetting around the world and become a travel guru if that's even a thing? I live in the UK and visit some pretty cool places and think it would be a good idea to start sharing it with my readers. I'm going to start off by sharing with you my list of places I want to visit around the UK, you can't be a tourist without touring your place of birth first! 

There are so many hidden gems in the UK, I have probably walked past many and not paid any attention. I've kicked myself on many occasions when I've visited a nice place and not taken a single photo! I'm sure to revisit the good places I've been again in the near future so it's not the worst thing in the world!

1. Peggy Porschen Cakes (London)

I feel I don't really need to say much about this pretty little cake shop it's all over Instagram and of course it is, it's such a pretty place to look at and from what I've heard the cakes are very yummy too! I'm always travelling into London so I hope I'll be able to visit soon, be prepared of me clogging up your news feed! 

2. Brighton 

Why have I never visited Brighton in the whole 21 years I've been alive?! I have wanted to visit Brighton for a while now to visit all the quirky shops and to walk down the pier whilst eating an ice-cream admiring the views. I'm going to save going to Brighton until the summertime when it's full of life, I think it would be a bit dull to go on a rainy day in March, although saying that I wouldn't mind sitting in one of Brighton's cute cafes sipping on a hot chocolate whilst its raining outside.

3. The Shard (London)

Can you imagine the views? I would be taking photos 90% of the time I'm there for and I sure would to make it worth the money for one nights stay! I know it's expensive but you can't buy the excitement of staying somewhere new and the feeling of waking up and feeling like your living in the clouds. I would really love to stay at the Shangri-La Hotel which is situated in The Shard. You can have a bath while admiring the sites of London! Who wouldn't want that? 

4. Scotland 

Can I just say how beautiful is Scotland? If I'm completely honest I thought Scotland was just fields and little villages which it does have its fair share of but it doesn't only have that to offer. I can't believe the images of Scotland I pin daily are actually in the same country as me, it's just so beautiful and full of nature. I'm hoping my boyfriend passes his driving test so we can drive up there for a weekend away when the weather gets a little better but if not the train will have to do, it's all part of the fun! I also really want to visit the Loop & Scoop Ice Cream bar which is located in Glasgow, there ice-cream looks delish!

5. Chinatown (London)

It shocks me that I was born in London and lived there for 7 years and still visit regularly and I've NEVER been to China town? Why? I'm going to answer my own question and put it down to my priorities have always been on other things, it's only since I've got older I've realised there are so many places to see so why am I choosing not to see them when they aren't impossible to get too and it's an experience whether it's a good one or not! I have always wanted to go to Chinatown but just haven't got round to it yet but now I'm going to make it a mission! 

What places do you want to visit in the UK? 

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  1. Scotland is absolutely beautiful - you should definitely visit, especially Edinburgh. And Chinatown? Absolutely adore it, it reminds me a lot of Sydney where I grew up xx

    1. I've seen it in photographs and it looks amazing, I can't wait to visit! Ah, always nice when something reminds you of home xo

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