Four Favourite Fragrances

Four Favourite Fragrances

Smelling good is one of the most important things to me, if I don't smell good then I do not feel good and it's as simple as that. I have had my fair share of experimenting with different scents and I feel I finally know what smells I like and what I don't, which helps avoiding  sitting in Debenhams (other stores available) sniffing every perfume until you feel a nosebleed coming on and you still have no idea what one to go for because your nose has completely shut down after sniffing the fourth one you smelt and all you can smell is alcohol.. just me? 

I have many favourite perfumes, but I've cut it down to my top current ones as they are the ones I've been using like ironing water and then I'm sat there wondering why nothing was coming out the bottle when I reached for it.. 

Red Vanilla - Zara

I'm going to start this one off by saying the price of this one is jaw dropping in a purse friendly way! I love the bottle it's very unique, it's perfect handbag size and most importantly it smells INCREDIBLE. I'm a lover of sweet and fresh scents and this is definitely on the sweeter side but it's not too overpowering which is why I like it so much. The only downside to this is that the scent doesn't hang around for ages so a re-spray is definitely needed throughout the day but other than that it's such a comforting scent.

Four Favourite Fragrances Zara Red Vanilla

Sí - Giorgio Armani 

This is a higher end perfume but well worth every penny printed on the price tag, I promise. I can't lie, I have no idea how to describe this scent as it's nothing like I've smelt before! I would say its sweet but I wouldn't say it's super fresh either its just pure pleasure to inhale!  My boyfriend is also a fan of this one as whenever I ask him which perfume I should wear his suggests this one, I thought he'd be sick of it by now, clearly not. The scent last all day long, no matter how often you wear it you can still smell it on you hours after spraying it, this is the one I recommend to anyone regardless on what their preferred scent is. It's a real people pleaser and I've had soooo many compliments. They need to make this stuff in litres!   

Four Favourite Fragrances Si Giorgio Armani

Kiss - Rihanna

This is a long term favourite of mine, I received this as a gift awhile back and have loved it ever since. This is also a very purse friendly perfume too. I have the 100ml but I went and got a 30ml for my handbag so I could bring this everywhere with me! The scent a very subtle floral scent but although it's not very strong in scent you can smell the scent flowing with you wherever you go. I love the bottle, it's my favourite colour blue and it looks so pretty with all my other perfumes. 

Four Favourite Fragrances Kiss Rihanna

Coco Mademoiselle - Chanel 

I have to say I had to pick my jaw up from the floor when I first unwrapped it at Christmas (thanks to the best boyfriend a girl could ask for) and speaking of which this is my best friend when I need to make a good first impression, they'll never forget you smelling that good! I really love the fruity fresh scent, it's very feminine and subtle scent but it lasts all day and night. I think this one would be perfect for every female out there, I mean you can't really go wrong with Coco, can you? 

Four Favourite Fragrances Coco Mademoiselle Chanel

Si is definitely my favourite out of all four, I use it so often and not one person has disliked the smell (unless they are lying and they constantly hold their breath when I'm around then that's awkward) but overall these are the four perfumes I've been alternating with so far this year and they all smell fricking amazing! 

Have you tried any of these? 

What are your four favourite fragrances?

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  1. I haven't tried any of these, and don't actually own any fragrances at the moment. But I'm loving the packaging for all of them!

    Sophie |

  2. Ah you are so lucky to have gotten the coco mademoiselle for Christmas 😍 Si is beautiful too. I haven’t smelled the other two so will definitely check them out, Jill ( x

    1. I am very lucky! I think red vanilla from zara actually smells quite like Si! x

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