Benefit Brow Contour Pro 4-In-1 Defining & Highlighting Brow Pencil

Benefit Brow Contour Pro 4-in-1 Defining and Highlighting Brow Pencil

I haven't used an eyebrow pencil in years, I'd have gotten so used to using a brow pomade that I thought I'd never go back to using a pencil again as I seem to live by the saying "if it's not broken, then don't fix it". After finishing my last pot of eyebrow pomade I decided it was time to shake my makeup up a little and pick up a different eyebrow product because it's always good to switch your makeup up a bit and get out of your comfort zone once in a while, I mean if we didn't we'd all still be using Dream Matte Moose (if you know, you know). 

I was browsing the beauty counters in Debenhams trying to find a new eyebrow product and ended up picking this up and I can honestly say I couldn't have picked up a more perfect eyebrow pencil to convert me back, the Benefit Brow Contour Pro works wonders and it's a lot more than just your average eyebrow pencil too!

I always start with the packaging because although it's what's inside that counts, the packaging is what makes it more appealing, am I wrong? I can't deny I don't think the packaging is great, I personally think benefit makeup packaging is quite naff all round, it just doesn't do the products inside justice but again with another quote, I live by "you can't judge a book by its cover" but with this particular product I can understand the concept behind the design, it's designed to look like a pen with multi colors within it, I don't know how else you could put a 4-in-1 together but although the packaging is a bit cheap looking and my niece asked why I was doing my makeup with a "coloring-in pen" I still think it's a brilliant idea. 

Benefit Brow Contour Pro 4-in-1 Defining and Highlighting Brow Pencil

Each eyebrow pencil comes with 4 different shades:

Darker Shade
Lighter Shade

The darker shade is for the outer part of your eyebrow (the arch and tail) the lighter shade is used for the inner part (beginning of your brow) to create a gradient natural look, the definer which I would say should be a similar color to your skin tone, preferably a shade lighter and then the concealer to conceal under your arch and towards your eyelid to lift your eyebrows. 

 The product which after all is the most important bit is AMAZING at achieving natural looking hair strokes and making my eyebrows look so natural but full at the same time. I also found it so easy to use, all you have to do is slide down the color you want to use and then twist the pencil to get more product, don't do what I did though, I thought I'd picked up one that was broken because that is normally just my luck, and then noticed the really obvious arrows instructing me to twist...not one of my brightest moments.

It normally takes me a good while to get comfortable using a new product which adds an extra 10 minutes to my makeup routine and let me tell you I don't need any more time added, I take for too long without the extra time but I managed to get my eyebrows perfect the first try and both of my eyebrows looked near enough identical for a change and that takes some work, my eyebrows are not even sisters, they couldn't be any more different from one another! 

Benefit Brow Contour Pro 4-in-1 Defining and Highlighting Brow Pencil

The brow pencil (I should really start calling it an eyebrow pen, to be honest) comes in 5 different colors, from a blonde/light to a black/dark so there's no way you won't be able to not find your shade I would determine on what one to get by matching the darkest shade in the pencil to your natural eyebrow color or which shade you prefer using on your eyebrows but depending on the colour you pick the highlight and definer shade colors will vary, so if you choose to get the darkest shade the define and highlight shade will be a deeper tone, so the lighter you go the lighter the lighter the other shades in the pencil will be, I went for the brown medium shade, although my natural hair is an ash blonde I like my eyebrows to be darker. 

Apart from the design which I don't absolutely hate I just wish they had an even better design to incorporate a 4-in-1 that didn't resemble a Bic pen then it would have been better but I cannot fault the product at all, it is effortlessly amazing and I'm so happy to have picked this up and even more glad that I have broken my obsession with brow pomades! Well done Benefit for cracking my stubbornness, that's quite a hard egg to break! 

Benefit Brow Contour Pro 4-in-1 Defining and Highlighting Brow Pencil

I can't quite believe how much I paid for this product considering you're essentially getting four products in one which would easily be 3x more expensive than just this product alone and because I'm going on holiday soon (less than 2 weeks, ahhh I'm so excited) I need holiday friendly products and this is up there.. did I mention it's waterproof too?! My brows are going on their own vacation to fleek town baby! 

What's your favorite brow product?

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