Winter Coat Wishlist

Winter Coat Wishlist - Winter Coats and Jackets - Topshop,Zara, Newlook, Miss Selfridge

One of my favourite winter traditions is getting a new winter coat to snug into but it's finding one I love that's the killer, it's like mission impossible.. well it normally is for me, I'm such an awkward person to find things that suit and fit me well. I can find the perfect winter coat and guarantee it will either be too big, too small, too wide.. you get the picture it's like Goldilocks and the three bears all over again but as the story goes, Goldilocks always finds one that is just right! 

Have you noticed I've gone a bit faux fur mad? I just think there's nothing cosier than feeling like your being hugged by clouds whilst going to war with the wind and cold and you might as well do that in style too, sister! 

I've never done a winter coat wishlist before but thought it would save so much time and hassle walking miles and miles to find one and you're probably thinking what does this girl mean, talking 'bout miles but trust me if I'm out shopping it takes me so long to find a coat, I'm out of one shop and in another and I'll probably go back to the same store 3 times over and try one the exact coat I've already tried on 20+ times and still walk out without anything, I definitely think it's a girl thing because I genuinely see the tears in my boyfriends eyes after the first hour of shopping with me! (if you're reading this, it's too late - you're stuck with me now mwahaha but thanks & I'm sorry but thanks, you're a trooper!)

What style of coat are you going for this winter?

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  1. Ohh so many cute coat picks! I'm loving the teddy bear coats at the moment. They're so warm and cosy xx

    Lauren |

  2. The pink fur is SO CUTE!

    Lucy |

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